Long Night of the Museums in Wrocław 2017

Long Night of the Museums in Wrocław 2017

More than 80 different institutions (museums, galleries, NGOs, community centres, churches, Radio Wrocław, the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema, the National Forum of Music, Hydropolis, etc.).

More than 200 different attractions (sneak previews, workshops, screenings, lectures, performance art shows).

Special programme for children in suitable hours throughout the day (30 different institutions are going to offer art workshops and interactive games and activities).

Vintage tram service „M1” for the enthusiasts of historic trams. Join us to have a ride on board a 1960 Konstal tram to reach museums in the city centre (the service will be provided every 30 minutes between 5 pm and 11 pm on the following route: Plac Społeczny, Sienkiewicza, Uniwersytet, Kazimierza Wielkiego),
and enjoy a brief lecture on the history of tram services in Wrocław.

Gratuitous bus service „M2” to museums outside of the city centre. The service will be provided every 20 minutes between 5 pm and 11.30 pm on the following route: Browar Mieszczański (Hubska), PKS Coach Station, PKP Railway Station, Ethnographic Museum (plac Wróblewskiego), National Museum (plac Społeczny), Natural Science Museum (Sienkiewicza), Museum of Mineralogy, Museum of Geology (Drobnera), Nadodrze art galleries (plac Staszica), Social Military Museum (Pełczyńska).

A detailed programme, timetable and other additional information on the Long Night of the Museums will we available here www.wroclaw.pl/noc-muzeow.

Long Night of the Museums: a history in brief

The première edition of the Long Night of the Museums was held in Berlin in 1997. Since 2001, the event has expanded to the whole of Europe, attracting 120 different cities all over the continent. The Long Night of the Museums is held at the third weekend of May to celebrate Museologist Day. The major goal of the event is to create a meeting place between museums, their collections and the public.

Long Night of the Museums in Wrocław: what's new?

The Long Night of the Museums has been a permanent feature in Wrocław for a few years now, attracting more and more institutions every years (museums as well as galleries, art centres, churches, cinemas, etc.). This year's Long Night of the Museums in Wrocław has attracted over 80 different institutions to date. Access to all the attractions throughout the Night is available free of charge.

Apart from permanent and temporary exhibitions, the organisers have also provided for a selection of special features, including lectures, workshops, screenings, and meet-the-author sessions.

This year's Long Night of the Museums is combined with the WRO 2017 DRAFT SYSTEMS Multimedia Art Biennial, which is Poland's largest contemporary art overview. The event brings a great opportunity to engage with all the Biennial exhibitions in a number of key Wrocław locations: the WRO Art Centre, National Forum of Music, the Ballestrems' Palace, the Entropia Gallery, Klub UFF, the National Museum, the White Stork Synagogue, etc.

The Long Night of the Museums has attracted the Four Domes' Pavilion for the first time in its history. Visitors throughout the night are in for a game called “Mystery Art”. Workshops for families will be provided throughout the day. One unique event in the programme is a happening called "Crowd", a collaborative creative activity with the public, inspired by Magdalena Abakanowicz's oeuvre. Cinema enthusiasts are in for "The Hourglass Sanatorium" by Wojciech Jerzy Has.

Open to the public will also be a branch of the Henryk Tomaszewski Theatre. This newly created branch of the Wrocław City Museums gives a sneak peek into the theatre behind the scenes. The Zajezdnia History Centre in turn offers a permanent exhibition called "Wrocław 1945-2016" and a temporary exhibition on the celebrated Polish actor Zbigniew Cybulski.

A myriad of attractions, not only in the city centre...

You may also want to choose some of the destinations located in Wrocław's vicinity, such as the Castle on the Water in Wojnowice. Military enthusiasts are in for a gamut of attractions on the outskirts of Wrocław, in the Social Military Museum in ul Pełczyńska and the Wrocław Fortification Society.

The Long Night of the Museums by daylight...?

With abundant workshops and activities for children, many of the attractions throughout the Long Night of the Museums are held by daylight. This is typical of the Long Night of the Museums in Wrocław. The Long NIght of the Museums team are keen to attract whole families, which is why the programme provides for activities suitable for children 3 years of age and more (some of the institutions, e.g. the Museum of Mineralogy, the Museum of Geology, the Agora Culture Centre, the Kontuty Kultury Centre are open to the public from 12 pm). Activities for children are provided in a spacial leaflet called DobraNocka w muzeach, which is available at museums, nurseries, schools and information hubs. Note! Some of the classes are available on prior registration.

Information Centres:

  • Tourist Information Centre (Rynek 14)
  • Infopunkt Barbara (ul Świdnicka 8c)
  • Tourist and Cycling Information Centre (ul św Antoniego 8)
  • Tourist and Culture Information Centre (Sukiennice 12)

All institutions featured in this year's Long Night of the Museums are available here:

Note! Access to some of the museums is available on prior registration. The details of this year's Long Night of the Museums programme are available here: www.wroclaw.pl/noc-muzeow



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