Europa na Widelcu 2019

Europe on a Fork 2019

Every year, at the beginning of June, Wroclaw has its culinary holiday – the Europe on a Fork festival. The first European feast took place on 4th June 2009 – that was the way Wroclaw celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first free election. Wroclaw inhabitants liked this manner of celebration so much that the event has become a permanent part of the city calendar. The event is patroned by Robert Makłowicz.

This year marks an exceptional opportunity – the 15th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the European Union.

The culinary holiday of Wroclaw will start on Wednesday 29th May and will last till Sunday 2nd June.

Feast in Market Square

Saturday 1st June is the main day of the festival. During the traditional feast, you can taste culinary hits from all parts of Europe.



Rynek of Wrocław

Rynek,  Wrocław