Eklektik Session 2017

Eklektik Session 2017

Eklektik Session is an international platform for artists and a unique festival that is now a regular feature in the cultural calendar of Wrocław. Eklektik Session blurs stylistic boundaries, promotes and integrates creative communities, and works in close collaboration with artists, festivals and institutions the world over.

In recent years the following artists joined Eklektic Session: Nils Petter Molvaer, Jan Bang, Eivind Aarset, Erland Dahlen, Ganesh Anandan, Loup Barrow, Thomas Bloch, Guo Gan, Mariam Wallentin, Lucien Dubuis, Alfred Vogel, Claudio Puntin, Max Loderbauer, Samuel Roher, Nadishana, Wu Wei, Mieko Miyazaki, Pierre Jodlowski, Roli Mosimann, Blu Rum 13 and Wrocław-based artists. The Artistic Director of Eklektik Session Radek Bond Bednarz is a laureate of the Wrocław Music Award for novel approaches in developing an event that brings together an artistic community and the audience in a meeting with various art forms. 

Eklektik Session 2017 Line-up:

6th October

  • 16.00 Okrąglak Etno Cafe: Paweł Jabłczyński, Paweł Pastuszka double-bass solo
  • 18.00 Market Hall: Jerzy Adam Nowak & Michał Jedynak sitar/perc duo
  • 20.00 Oratorium Marianum: Ståle Storløkken (Norway) organs / piano; intro: Jan Maciej Żelbromski, PhD

7th October

  • 16.00 WuWA Chamber of Architects, Jim Hart & Alfred Vogel (England / Austria) vibraphone / percussion; intro: Grażyna Adamczyk-Arns
  • 20.00 WuWA Hotel Park (Hans Scharoun), Dieb13 (Austria) gramophones/electronics

8th October

  • 17.00 Komora Akustyczna Jacob Bergson (USA) keyboards / programming; intro: Piotr Kozłowski, PhD

9th October

19.00 Wrocław Opera House: NERVE (Switzerland, USA)*

  • Jojo Mayer: drums
  • John Davis: bass, modulations
  • Jacob Bergson: keyboards, synthesisers
  • Aaron Nevezie: live audio manipulation
  • 30 min break / foyer 
  • Emperor’s Room: Żaneta Mandecka: harp

On 9th October, the Wrocław Opera House is going to host the Festival’s grand finale featuring the Eklektik Orchestra in a première concert called “Reversed”. The perspectives in the hall will be reversed to the audience to experience the concert from the stage. The Wrocław-based line-up will be complemented with the Festival’s guests, including Jojo Mayer, Ståle Storløkken, Dieb13, Alfred Vogel. 

Eklektik Orchestra “Reversed”

  • Jojo Mayer: drums
  • John Davis: double bass
  • Ståle Storløkken: rhodes, electronics
  • Dieb13: gramophones, elektronics
  • Alfred Vogel: drums
  • Jan Kantner: alto saxophone
  • Dominik Gawroński:  trumpet
  • Adam Bławicki: saxophones
  • Paweł Jabłczyński: double bass
  • Paweł Pastuszka: double bass
  • Bond: bass, electronics
  • Sound: Roli Mosimann
  • Concept: Bond. 



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