Wrocław Christmas Fair 2016

Wrocław Christmas Fair 2016

Wrocław Christmas Fair welcomes from November 18 to December 22 in the Wrocław Market Square. The stands are open from 10 am to 9 pm

The market offers not only aromatic mulled wine and sweet gingerbread, but also delicacies such as French crepes, Italian cheeses and cold meats, Hungarian sweet and savoury cakes, Austrian cheeses, Spanish churros, Polish highlander cheese, oscypek, with cranberries, or roasted chestnuts.

The Fairytale Woods awaits the youngest visitors of the Fair with stories, which will take all the kids to a truly fairy-tale world with its magical visualization and sound. In the wooden cottages you can choose Christmas gifts. This year's Fair débutant is wooden handicraft from Saxon: sculptures and wooden, hand-painted Christmas cards. Near the Wrocław Christmas tree, you can order beautiful, hand-painted glass balls with a dedication, a commemorative coin minted by a Wrocław minter, or a unique, good luck horseshoe with your name, forged by a blacksmith.


  • Nov 18, 5 pm Official opening of the Fair, featuring a brass band concert
  • Nov 27, 5 pm Pageant of Fairies and Wizzards
  • Dec 2, 5:30 Welcoming of St. Nicholas (Father Christmas)
  • Dec 10, 2 pm Exhibition of ice sculptures "Christmas Ice Surprises"
  • Dec 11, 5 pm Winter Parade of the Snow Queen
  • Dec 17, 5 pm Christmas pageant of carollers
  • Dec 18, 5 pm Brass band concert of Christmas

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Rynek of Wrocław

Rynek,  Wrocław