9th Wroclaw Good Beer Festival

9th Wroclaw Good Beer Festival

Wroclaw Good Beer Festival – the biggest Polish beer event, at which draught and bottled beers are presented by several regional, craft, contractual and restaurant breweries. The programme of the festival includes sensory courses, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, competitions, the Home Brewing Zone, the Beer Tourism Zone and the Beer & Cooking Stage – a meeting place for people from the broadly understood brewing industry.

The main organiser of the Wroclaw Good Beer Festival is the ZAMEK Cultural Centre, and the co-organiser responsible for content is Agnieszka Wołczaska-Prasolik – a promoter of home brewing and the laureate of the Golden Hops award in 2013.

Festival attractions

Brewing Workshop Zone

The Brewing Workshop Zone will be traditionally available not only to home brewers, but also to those who would like to learn something about brewing. It will include presentations of well-known home brewers who are currently involved in craft breweries. The details of beer making will be revealed by representatives of the Polish Association of Home Brewers and brewing shops. There will be tasting panels supervised by an expert, daily brewing shows at the Your Brewery stand and the PAHB’s stand, taste blindness tests, and open lectures. Meetings with home brewers are also planned; around 100 of them are going to attend this year’s edition.

Beer Tourism Zone

In this area, you can learn about interesting places related to the brewing industry where, apart from good beer, you can find nature, adventures and beautiful views. During this year’s edition, interesting proposals from Poland and abroad will be presented at stands: for example, you can become familiar with the offer of the Beer Spa and the Museum of Brewing and learn something about trips on the trail of Berlin craft beers. Plans include also tourist attractions outside the Zone, such as games organised by the Kłodzko Fortress and a panel on German beer tourism at the festival stage.

Beer & Cuisine Stage

The Beer & Cuisine Stage is a meeting place for brewers, bloggers, cooks and other persons involved in the broadly understood brewing industry – both amateurs and specialists. They will try to present the rich culture of beer production and consumption; there will be talks with interesting guests, numerous competitions and shows, and everything will be guided by Jakub Bartoszewicz.

  • The programme of the Beer & Cuisine Stage includes a Friday discussion panel ‘Women in the craft brewing industry in Poland and around the world.’ It will be run by Tomek Kopyra – a beer expert and connoisseur, a video blogger, a home brewer, a judge of international beer contests, and the author of blog.kopyra.com – one of the most popular YouTube channels on craft beers. His questions will be answered by Herlinda Heras – a beer educator from Sonoma State University, Marta Jankowska (the owner of a brewery from San Diego and an activist of the Pink Boots Society – a non profit organisation promoting the development and education of women in the brewing industry) and representatives of the Polish beer scene.
  • On Saturday, Live Beer Blogging will take place, during which Tomek Kopyra and bloggers Simon Martin from Great Britain and Martin Voigt from Austria will have a closer look at interesting items from breweries participating in the Wroclaw Good Beer Festival. On that day, the winners of festival competitions will also be announced.
  • On Sunday, the Lower Silesian Association of Craft Breweries will have its presentation at the Beer & Cuisine Stage. On evenings, good clubbing music will be played here.

Chillout Zone

During the festival, the beach Chillout Zone will also be open, with music provided by Wroclaw DJs and a catering area with food trucks. At the stand of the Wroclaw Centre for the Support of Intoxicated Persons, it will be possible to have a free breathalyser test.

Entrance is free of charge.