Dachy Wrocławia – koncerty online

Roofs of Wroclaw – concerts online

Roofs of Wroclaw: ten concerts on eight Wroclaw roofs on 7th–28th June 2020

After long weeks of isolation and seclusion, the time has come for the city, music and Wroclaw artists to meet again. And to meet immediately on the highest levels – on the roofs of Wroclaw.

Roofs of Wroclaw turned into stages resounding with the rhythms of jazz, indie rock, reggae, blues and tango and with the clicking of heels, on which a feast of colours and sounds exploded. Such is the idea of sunburnt airborne concerts – filled with the joy of opening a new chapter together.

The project involved 70 musicians who played ten concerts at eight Wroclaw roofs so that Wroclaw could resound in one voice.

So that sounds of freedom, longing, hope and optimism could be heard, being played high above streets in places where everything gains a new perspective.

From 7th June, we invite you to broadcasts of concerts from the Roofs of Wroclaw cycle twice a week on Sundays and on Thursdays.

We will take you on a trip around our city with an abundance of unknown places, which will pulse with Wroclaw music.

Performing artists:

MAM Głos and Puellae Cantantes

Francis Tuan


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