Concert: The Wall in Polish

The Wall  in Polish – Pink Floyd’s famous album in Polish version by the Spare Bricks band will be played in the Concert Hall of Radio Wroclaw, Al. Karkonoska 10, on 2nd December at 7:00 p.m.

The 40th anniversary of the release of The Wall in 2019 is a good opportunity to review the message of Pink Floyd in a new way.

Concerts of Spare Bricks are always exceptional performances with regard to the original. This time the group will propose an entirely new visual setting to reinforce the message of the album. The Wall programme will last almost one hour and a half and will be supplemented with songs from other, equally important albums – already in original versions.

The author of the Polish lyrics for The Wall is Robert Zienkiewicz; he translated the original lyrics in co-operation with the band.

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Sala Koncertowa Radia Wrocław im. Jana Kaczmarka

Aleja Karkonoska 10, 53-015 Wrocław