Bruno Schulz. Festival

Bruno Schulz. Festival

Bruno Schulz. Festival (BSF) brings an international celebration of arts and literature. This year’s edition is its sixth and will be held in Wrocław from 11 until 21 October 2017.

The Festival’s patron, Bruno Schulz, is one of those Polish-language authors that are most widely read, translated, interpreted and adapted for theatre and screen globally. Since late 2012, Schulz’s copyrights have been in public domain, which means that new editions (not only in Poland but also abroad) of his works will only strengthen the author’s presence in cultural realm. The symbol of the tragic history of the Jewish nation, Bruno Schulz was the victim of the Holocaust, the most harrowing episode in the European history of the Jewish nation. Hence the idea to showcase Bruno Schulz’s figure as the main symbol a festival series that brings together the arts and literature.

The BSF provides for a number of unique events combined in a unique formula. One goal of the festival is to attract large audiences and provide for a number of activities that are seemingly incompatible with the gravity of the festival (location-based games, happenings, murals, concerts and a broad variety of web-based initiatives that harness a new canon of social communication, which were present at the first edition of the Festival). The other is to foster reflection and uncompromising attitudes with Q&As and talks on literature, or more broadly, culture and the arts, which are expected to blend in with the social and intellectual fabric of Wrocław, Poland and even the world.

All events are available free of charge. 

The BSF’s partners include the Mayor of Wrocław and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The General Director of the Festival is Irek Grin.



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