Wystawa: Juliusz Słowacki i Zbigniew Herbert komentują Muzeum Pana Tadeusza

Exhibition: Juliusz Słowacki and Zbigniew Herbert Comment on Pan Tadeusz Museum

The Pan Tadeusz Museum in Wroclaw invites you to visit a temporary exhibition inspired by works of two outstanding poets: Juliusz Słowacki and Zbigniew Herbert, which is held as a part of the 2nd Festival of Literary Traditions.

Juliusz Słowacki and Zbigniew Herbert, whose manuscripts taken from the collections of the Ossolineum appear as an intervention in the permanent exposition of the Pan Tadeusz Museum, comment upon the content of the exhibition in a serious, metaphorical or sometimes ironic way: the text and the context of the creation of Adam Mickiewicz’s epic poem Pan Tadeusz and values important both for Romantics and for the main figures of the exhibition Mission: Poland. The presentation of objects is confronted with audiovisual artistic interferences in the multimedia that co-create the narration of the museum.

Apart from the exhibition, the programme of the festival will include theatrical workshops, family workshops, meetings with translators, creative writing workshops, manually-coded language poetry workshops, artistic workshops for patients of the Lower Silesian Centre for Mental Health, conference for teachers, an academic conference, and a poetry slam. There will also be a premiere of Interpretations - a new literary magazine released by the Pan Tadeusz Museum.


Pan Tadeusz Museum

Rynek 6, 50-117 Wrocław