Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili

The Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili brings a unique dance show featuring 100 dancers and an orchestra on stage. The Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili is one of the leading and largest ballet ensembles globally, and they perform with their own orchestra. They have completed more than 300 tours to date, the ensembles visiting 5 continents and 90 countries eleven times and giving thousands of shows that entertained the tens of millions of spectators throughout the world! Their shows were hailed “the Best on Broadway” and “the eighth wonder of the world” in Australia. They also beat Caruso’s record at La Scala, the curtain being raised 14 after their performance (Caruso’s feat was 11).

The Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili was established 70 years ago and derives from the national dance traditions. However, to make their shows even more spectacular, new choreographies were created to combine the charm of traditional folk with modern dance. With the elements of martial arts and acrobatics, fairy-tale outfits and dynamic and gripping story-lines, Sukhishvili shows are great entertainment for entire families, including children and senior spectators. The ensemble update their shows on a regular basis. The 2018 European tour brings the ensemble’s latest programme and a load of excitement and energy, which is the signature trait of the Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili.

Georgian men in break-neck choreography

“Try to jump in the air with your knees drawn to your chin. Then drop to your knees and jump again and try to drop and jump several times! Then circle on your toes in soft shoes with a speed that blurs your facial features. And then make a round of the stage on your knees. Enchant beautiful ladies, who playfully and calmly watch your bold attempts to win their hearts.” 

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