Dwarf Festival 2017

Dwarf Festival 2017

This year’s edition of the International Dwarf Festival is drawing near. We are in for a three days’ worth of dwarf celebrations.

As previously announced, the Festival is going to be held from 8th to 10th September. It is already a tradition that the festival starts in the Market Square with the Great Dwarf Parade. The parade is going to reach the Old Town Garden, where the Great Dwarf Village is going to be set. This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to write a dwarf graffiti or how to carve wonderful toys using a piece of wood or sponge. Dwarf fans are for an attraction like no other. Sculptors will show you how Wrocław dwarves are being made. You’re a bit fidgety all the time? The Dwarf Jugglers’ Zone is there for you to learn juggling, acrobatics and circus tricks.

You love theatre? Get yourself ready for three première shows from the UKŁAD FORMALNY Theatre on the Saturday: Rowerowe esy floresy [Cycling Curlicues], Na migi [Hand Signs] and Między innymi [Among Others]. All three shows are available in sign language.

The Sunday is a great time to enjoy fairy-tales in intriguing interpretations from popular actors, writers or performers. The readings will be provided as part of the Dwarf Literary Breakfast!

The audience are in for two new attractions this year. Kabaret Hrabi are going to perform at the Wrocław Puppet Theatre (admission by ticket only). The Old Town Garden is in turn going to transform into a disco ...but a silent one. Come and join us for the Dwarf Silent Disco.

Detailed programme

8th September (Friday)

Market Square
10.00 Great Dwarf Parade as the opening celebration of the Festival!

Old Town Garden
10.30–13.00 Visual arts contest for preschool and primary school children for the best decorated dwarf cottage!

Applications from schools and preschools must be made online by 1st September at www.festiwal.krasnale.pl. 

10.00–14.00 Great Dwarf Spring, or an opportunity to explore the world of dwarves. 
The programme provides for a range of activities and games with vocal and dance activity organisers and a dwarf leisure zone with a variety of board games. You can also join a workshop from Cheerleaders Wrocław, who are going to showcase their skills at the Festival’s stage. 

11.00-15.00 Special free rides by Dwarf Tram (departs from: Opera House). 
14.00 Closing of the first day of the Festival. 

9th September (Saturday)

Old Town Garden

11.00–17.00 Dwarf fairy-tales created exclusively for the Festival by the Układ Formalny Theatre, an ensemble set up by the Puppet Department alumni, the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Wrocław. The UKŁAD FORMALNY THEATRE are a new theatre ensemble catering to children, young people and adults alike. They are also the first theatre group in Poland to perform in sign language. Each performance of theirs is like a new take on the art of theatre. 
This year’s edition of the Festival brings three première shows from the ensemble. 

11.00 and 14.00 Rowerowe esy floresy [Cycling Curlicues] bring a selection of weird and colourful cycling lanes around town. No one knows who does the curlicues. Their mysterious shapes are very much akin to the traces left by bicycles. Is it possible to paint the town with wheels? Join us for a cycling adventure with Wrocław Dwarves!

12.00 and 15.00 Na migi [Hand Signs] Imagine there is no sound with which to say “I love you”. Do we speak with words only? How to speak to be understood? The discordant dwarves are reconciled with sign language. Join us and find out if you can hear out others better in silence. 

13.00 i 16.00 Między innymi [Among Others]. It is sometimes difficult to live among other people. Especially if you are a dwarf like any other who suddenly has to sport two mismatched socks. You are completely befuddled by your own strangeness. The protagonist is going to experience what it means to stand out and how to deal with it.

11.30–15.00 Family location-based game Krasnale na naszych podwórkach [Dwarves in our Neighbourhood]. This year’s location-based game is inspired by the children’s games of old. We are going to play with chalk, enjoy rubber band rope jumping, learn forgotten counting-out rhymes and come up with some new. The game is suitable for groups between 2 and 5 people. Applications must be made online by 28th August at festiwal.krasnale.pl. The participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

11.00-17.00 Great Dwarf Spring, or an opportunity to explore the world of dwarves. 
The programme provides for a variety of activities such as dwarf plaster cast making, workshops in visual arts and dwarf puppetry, a dwarf juggling zone full of colourful balloons and soap bubbles and a minuscule railway mock-up zone for dwarves. The participants will able to see a special Festival graffiti in the making or join for a commemorative photo in a dwarf photographic studio. 
Admission to the Great Dwarf Village is free of charge without any prior reservation. 
Dwarf Culture Zone: DJ workshops, ambient sound capturing and classes in dwarf board game design. 

Workshops in the Dwarf Culture Zone are available by prior registration at www.festiwal.krasnale.pl. Applications will be accepted by 25th August. The participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

17.00 Closing of the Great Dwarf Village and Dwarf Culture Zone at the Old Town Garden 

21.00 -24.00 Silent Disco at the Old Town Garden/ Dwarf Silent Disco
Silent Disco is all about positive vibes and great music in utter and complete silence. Visit the Old Town Garden on the evening and join for a silent dance party.
Admission is free. The number of headset is limited. 

Wrocław Puppet Theatre

19.00 – Cyrkuśniki [Circus Artists] by Kabaret Hrabi
One of the most popular cabaret ensembles in Poland with their latest programme. 

Tickets at 25 PLN are available at the Tourist Information Centre in Wrocław (Rynek 14). Sales start on Monday 28th August. 

10th September (Sunday)

Old Town Garden

  • 11.00 – 13.00 Dwarf Literary Breakfast 
  • Visit the Old Town Garden on the Sunday to enjoy fairy-tales in intriguing interpretations from popular actors, writers or performers.
  • 13.00 – 13.30 Magician’s acts at the Open-air Stage.
  • 13.30 Closing of the Festival 

All events except for the Kabaret Hrabi show are free of charge. Some of the events are available by prior registration only. 

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