Chill-out Zone at the Capitol

A chill-out zone on a leafy terrace.

Feel free to visit the Capitol Music Theatre and have a relaxing session in a deckchair on a green terrace to wind down in a leafy setting to the sounds of specially arranged music from the Capitol's own stage productions.

The green terrace is located inside the building, in a sheltered yard (a new foyer) of the Capitol Music Theatre, at the roof of the former box office, which survived the ravages of WWII and was later incorporated into the existing theatre building. The terrace, which extends along the eastern wall of the theatre, is set against the wall of live vegetation 240 sqm in size, the largest in Wrocław and second largest in Poland.

Guests the the Chill-out Zone will be able to choose from three different channels in their wireless headsets:

  • Channel 1: Compelling, music for piano and double bass,
  • Channel 2: Safe, electronic music,
  • Channel 3: Optimistic, music for female voice, accordion and kalimba.

Chill-out Zone tickets are available online and the Capitol's box office (2 PLN). Chill-out sessions start half an hour before the evening show (6.30 pm daily, except for the Saturday dance).


Musical Theatre Capitol

Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 72, 50-020 Wrocław