Miasto z Piernika – Kolejkowo Sky Tower

City of Gingerbread. In Kolejkowo, the world’s sweetest exhibition was created

1.2 tons of gingerbread cake, almost 100 kg of honey, 34 kg of gingerbread spice and 27 kg of chocolate and countless kilograms of sugar toppings, chocolate pearls and flakes – so much has been used for building the City of Gingerbread. You can already admire it in the Wroclaw Kolejkowo.

The City of Gingerbread is a sweet mock-up covered with chocolate, icing sugar and aromatic spices – it is the only exhibition of this kind not only in Poland, but also around the world. It forms a Christmas part of the exhibition of Kolejkowo. It consists of almost 300 houses, including the Wroclaw city hall surrounded with tenement houses, a church and a tower. Among them run sweet chocolate trains.

All of this is illuminated with the discreet glow of lamps and sparkling snow. The whole city occupies the area of 100 square metres.

The winter version of Kolejkowo is to enrich the list of December attractions of the capital of Lower Silesia.

‘It is certainly the tastiest exhibition in Poland,’ says Agnieszka Szymerowska, the president of the Wroclaw Tourist Organisation. ‘I am very happy that it is located in Wroclaw. Our tourist industry is thawing out and we try to promote local attractions together – Kolejkowo is certainly one of them and deserves recommendation.

The City of Gingerbread is available to visitors during regular opening hours from 25th November this year until the end of February 2022. According to originators of the exhibition, a great gingerbread feast will be held after its closure.

1.2 tons of the cake used for building the City of Gingerbread was made from the following ingredients:

  • 98 kg honey
  • 34 kg spices
  • 28 kg powdered sugar
  • 305 eggs
  • 143 lemons

Individual tickets:

  • 29 PLN – full-price ticket
  • 23 PLN – discount ticket

Organised groups:

  • 27 PLN – full-price ticket
  • 20 PLN – discount ticket

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