Sylwester Życia

New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw 2020: New Year’s Eve of Life, or a big house party

Because of the pandemic, the New Year’s Eve party will not be held on the Market Square. However, the Wroclaw authorities invite inhabitants to take part in the New Year’s Eve of Life – the world’s biggest house party! The traditional Christmas Market has also been cancelled.

This year the City of Wroclaw invites inhabitants to a big New Year’s Eve online broadcast. Online city channels will show how Wroclaw inhabitants – Poles or foreigners – are celebrating this night. After years of big shows on the Market Square, lovers of Wroclaw – even those from the most remote corners of our planet – will finally have an opportunity to show themselves.

‘We will give them a chance to hold a “big house party” with us,’ says Paweł Gołębski, the director of the event. ‘We will present photos and videos from the last day and the last night of 2020. We will connect live to the participants of our house party and see how public figures are celebrating this night. We will invite Wroclaw inhabitants to co-create an event as we did in the last few years, but in a form that is required at that special time,’ he adds.

Everyone spending this time at home will have the possibility of joining the celebration via Internet. We want the broadcast to inspire viewers to spend New Year’s Eve in an original way.

On that day, inhabitants can connect live to hosts and upload New Year’s Eve photos and videos with a #SylwesterŻycia hashtag. We will certainly see various ways of spending this time: board games, books, films, having fun with family, unconventional places, disguises, private music performances.

The New Year’s Eve of Life is also an idea that remembers about people fighting for health and life – healthcare professionals and COVID-19 patients. On that night, we will pay respect to the activities of the white staff and, as far as possible, look at how they are spending the last night of the year. This will also be a clear message to inhabitants that staying in a larger group of people in a closed room increases the risk of infection. We will remind them of the existing restrictions.

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