Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy 2020

Christmas Market in Wroclaw postponed

Because of the increasing number of Covid-19 infections and the prolonged governmental ban on the provision of stationary catering services, the city authorities and organisers resign from the preparation of the Christmas Market at the announced time.

‘The Market is inseparably connected with food outlets and cannot exist without them,’ says Zuzanna Morska from the Economic Development Office. ‘However, we want to organise the market at a later date, when the situation calms down. We hope that this will be possible in January or February. Of course, this specific market will not refer to Christmas, but will certainly please those who will visit the Wroclaw Market Square. Today, however, we cannot specify any date. We are waiting for the government’s decisions.’

In spite of the absence of the Christmas Market, Wroclaw inhabitants will have a chance to feel the
climate of this event at least to some extent. Mugs can be bought online.

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Rynek of Wrocław

Rynek,  Wrocław