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Wroclaw Zoo reopens from May 21

From Thursday, May 21, you can visit the Wroclaw Zoo again. It is best to buy tickets online before your visit and thus skip the queue. New attractions and new residents will be waiting for visitors.

Closed pavilions and new rules

For the moment, demonstration feeding will not take place at the Zoo. The following pavilions remain closed until further notice: the aviary (renovation works planned until autumn), the Indian rhinoceros pavilion, Sahara, Madagascar, Chimpanzees, Monkey House, Elephant House, Norwegian Pavilion and Butterfly House in the Terrarium. However, most animals can be seen on outdoor paddocks.

  • The pram rental, playground, rope park and petting zoo will be closed.
  • In Africarium, visitors will move in one direction, as in other pavilions.
  • For individual tickets, it is best to buy them online or at the zoo's vending machines. This will shorten the waiting time in the queue to enter.
  • Family tickets will be available at the ticket office with payment cards as preferred mean of payment. Vouchers should be exchanged at the Customer Service Centre for tickets before visiting the Zoo.
  • According to the new rules, visitors will be required to wear face masks at the zoo and follow recommendations, e.g. related to maintaining safe distance.
  • Holders of annual cards and vouchers purchased before the outbreak of the pandemic, will have their validity extended for the period of 72 days, i.e. the entire closing period.
  • The zoo is open from 9:00 to 18:00.
  • Before buying tickets, please read the ZOO REGULATIONS.

New residents among the lush greenery

New attractions await visitors at reopening, because during the pandemic a dozen or so exceptional babies were born in in the Zoo. On the new paddock, we will see amazing hammer-headed bats and red ruffed lemurs will walk over the heads of visitors.

In April, the second golden takin in Poland was born. Every year, the Wroclaw Zoo enjoys the breeding of ring-tailed lemurs. This year, we noted the birth of four children of these exceptional and increasingly endangered residents of Madagascar. As many as six mouflon lambs were born. There were also young dik-diks – probably the smallest antelopes in the world, as well as four sitatungas – swamp-dwelling antelopes.

Another novelty is that red ruffed lemurs have been provided with an extended paddock and will now walk over the heads of visitors on the ropes stretched between the trees.


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