Tomek Tryzna MISS NOBODY

Tomek Tryzna MISS NOBODY

„When I read MISS NOBODY as a 16-year-old boy – says Passini - I felt that for the first time someone actually would begin a dialogue with me about my adolescence, problems, fears and questions I'd been asking myself. This book shocked me. Nowadays I read it as a story about how it is to live in a bog, to have a house without foundations. In my opinion Tryzna created one of the most interesting diagnoses of the transformation period, that he wrote it about the maturation on a macro-scale, about the circumstances in which one value system had collapsed and was not being replaced by any new one. This transformation is still going on.”.

Paweł Passini

Tomek Tryzna's novel entitled Miss Nobody was published in 1994 and would become one of the biggest and most famous literary events of those times, equally for the readers, the media and the literary critics. It gained an enthusiastic review by Czesław Miłosz, who wrote: „The first truly post-modernist Polish novel [...] The author scorns his readers, especially those under forty, by letting them feel superior to the immature creatures' flouncing about and babbling, only to put the assured ones suddenly into the state of uncertainty: but that's us, our world-view, even if it's been childishly simplified, it's still the same and there's no other beliefs in sight”. The novel was adapted for film in 1996 by Andrzej Wajda. 

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