Open-air cinemas in Wroclaw

Open-air cinemas in Wroclaw

Wyspa Słodowa, Zajezdnia History Centre, Wroclaw bars – these are the places where we will watch films in the open air on weekends and selected weekdays. Apart from regular places, there are also new locations offering open-air cinema shows. The list of these places is stated below.

Summer cinema in Zajezdnia

The square in front of the Zajezdnia History Centre at ul. Grabiszyńska again turns into a cinemagoer-friendly space this year. Deckchairs, chairs and warm blankets for cold evenings will be available.

Drive-in cinema at the Stadium

A supersafe way of watching films. Films are shown on the membrane of the Wroclaw Stadium in 4K technology. The screen has a size of 1,500 square metres, which means that its diagonal is almost 60 metres. Visual Sensation, the company responsible for the technological aspect of the project, assures that it is the biggest cinema screen in Europe. The soundtrack of the film is available when radio receivers are tuned to the frequency stated before the show.

OH Drive-in cinema

A weekend proposal – films are shown on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (a different film every time). Cinema shows are held on the last floor (level 6+) of the multi-level car park of the Arkady Wrocławskie shopping centre. During the ticket control, we will receive an exit card that is necessary for leaving the Drive-in Cinema area. Care has also been taken of non-motorised tourists, to whom 16 deckchairs are available (in order to get there from the shopping centre, go to level +6 by lift). Customers buying deckchair tickets are requested to bring their own radio receiver with headphones (they can also borrow it, but with their own headphones).

Tęczowa Night Fair

At the space at Tęczowa 65, you will find deckchairs and food courts, and the only thing to dream of is good weather. But even unpleasant weather conditions should not put off gourmets; this year, instead of food trucks, they will find an original gastro area and cuisines of many countries, including Thai, Mediterranean and American cuisine. And, last but not last, cinema – films will be shown every Sunday until the end of the vacation.

 “Travel” with interesting films

Except drinks, food and fine music, the bar at Robotnicza offers also an ambitious film repertoire that is served to fans during the week. It is worth visiting during good weather, but please remember to maintain a safe distance.

Open-air cinema at Wyspa Słodowa

The highly popular open-air cinema is back at Wyspa Słodowa for the summer period. Open-air film shows are held on Mondays. Entrance is free.

Comfortable deckchairs and chairs will traditionally be available to visitors. Drinking alcohol and smoking during open-air cinema shows is prohibited.

Cinema at Odra-Pany

On the beach in the bar under the Kładka Zwierzyniecka footbridge near the Zoo, you will get not only cocktails, spritzers, craft beers or cider (in mugs made of plants – the owners have a very pro-ecological attitude) and great live music, but also an ambitious cinema offer. Films will be shown every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.