Exhibition: Each Step Leaves a Trace

Exhibition: Each Step Leaves a Trace

Can you profess love with your shoes? What were high heels designed for? How people in the Middle Ages dealt with snow-covered streets? Why shoes were given funny names such as “cow’s mouth” or “bear’s paw”.

Those and many other questions on the indispensable part of our outfit such as shoes are explored at the exhibition:  Each Step Leaves a Trace. Historic Footwear at the Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk.

The exhibition features nearly seventy items of restored historic footwear using only originally surviving materials. One contemporary element that was used in the restoration process were threads, which were applied along the traces left by the original seams (original threads usually decompose when exposed to humic acids carried in the soil). The method allowed for restoring the original shape and look to the shoes.


Museum of Archaeology, Wrocław City Museum

Cieszyńskiego 9,  Wrocław