“Resurrection – Our Right” exhibition in Ossolineum

„Resurrection – Our Rightexhibition in Ossolineum

The main idea of the exhibition is present the fighting sides – Poles and Ukrainians – in an equal manner stressing the independence aspirations of both nations and their hopes of building their own state that arose after the collapse of the Habsburg Monarchy.

The exhibition will be based on souvenirs of that conflict that are kept in both institutions: photographs, documents, maps, orders and badges, parts of uniforms and equipment, original weapons, etc. Their presentation and juxtaposition at the exhibition will not only show both fighting sides, but should also make visitors in Ukraine and Poland aware of many similarities between participants in those events – two nations striving for independence in 1918. It is worth mentioning that there was no animosity between the fighting sides and that the fights abounded in truces and attempts to reach agreement and to solve the conflict by means of negotiations.



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