Wroclaw Silesius Poetry Award

Wroclaw Silesius Poetry Award is a distinction and promotion of the most important works by the creators of the Polish poetry. The Award is sponsored by the city of Wroclaw and its name comes from Angelus Silesius, a baroque poet. 
The head of the Wroclaw Department of Culture, Jarosław Broda, is the initiator of the creation of the award. 
The Award is granted every year in three categories:

  • lifetime achievements
  • the book of the year
  • the debut of the year

In a given edition of the Award, first editions of books may be submitted - their edition shall take place between 1 January and 31 December. 
The Award comprises:

  • SILESIUS statuette
  • a cheque for the amount of:
  • PLN 100 000 PLN for lifetime achievements
  • PLN 50 000 PLN for the book of the year
  • PLN 20 000 PLN for the debut of the year

The right to submit books for the Award: 
in the following categories: the book of the year and the debut of the year is reserved to publishing houses (excluding own publications without the ISBN number) and members of the Jury 
in the category of lifetime achievements – Jury members only 
For more information about the Award see: silesius.wroclaw.pl