Wroclaw rediscovers water polo

Water polo returns to Wroclaw for good.This discipline, very spectacular and formerly popular in the capital of Lower Silesia, has a chance to be re-born thanks to the newly established club WWKS Waterborne.

Wrocławski Waterpolowy Klub Sportowy (Wroclaw Water Polo Sports Club) was founded at the initiative of two water polo enthusiasts - Konrad Adamski and Bartosz Kiełbik. The first is a former player of Stilon Gorzow, and now a referee. Kiełbik, in turn, is a swimming coach and a lifeguard.

"The idea was born mainly from the fact that this discipline did not exist in Wroclaw for many years. Is there any other large city, a region's capital, with proper infrastructure, where there is no water polo? There is none, so we decided to take matters into our own hands," Adamski said when asked about the motives.

The aim of the club is to promote water polo among children as an interesting form of physical activity. A group of children from primary schools is already under the supervision of the trainers. Currently, the enrolment is open for children born in the years 2003 to 2009. The WWKS also has an emerging senior group. It includes players once active in other clubs in Poland, as well as students, who pursue this discipline in their countries. Konrad Adamski is considering signing the team up to the first league.

The target training and competition arena for the players is to be the facility in ul. Wejherowska, now built with the aim of World Games 2017. The facility's swimming pool will be the only one to meet the requirements for water polo, i.e. the appropriate length and depth of the pool. But before the new Wroclaw water sports centre is completed, the players train at the other pools, where, however, they are struggling with a problem: public swimming pools are a non-throwing zone. Nevertheless, both the younger and older players cope with these limitations, mastering their skills in scoring while being submerged in water to the neck.

Wroclaw has a strong tradition of water polo. At the turn of the 1950s and 1970s, there were several clubs in the capital of Lower Silesia, among them Pafawag, AZS Silesia, Burza, Gwardia and Ślęża. The competition for the title of the city's best team was extremely fierce and close-run. Matches played at the Olympic Stadium at the time attracted large numbers of fans. A team that lasted the longest were Budowlani Wroclaw, however, they too ceased to exist for financial reasons at the end of the 70s. From that moment on, water polo in Wroclaw fell into hibernation, and the WWKS Waterborne is now trying to counteract it.

Information on the club's activities, training and recruitment is available on the team's official Facebook profile.