Wroclaw, don’t crack!

The Mayor of Wroclaw Jacek Sutryk sustains the tradition of the New Year’s Eve party without fireworks on theWroclaw Market Square. In this way, we help the youngest and oldest city inhabitants and animals to survive the welcome of the New Year more peacefully.

As the Mayor of Wroclaw Jacek Sutryk has announced, there will be no fireworks at any event to be held by the city during his term of office, either.

Everyone who has a pet animal at home, knows very well how afraid it becomes when fireworks and bangers crack outside windows. When hearing noises, animals react by escaping. At home, they hide in the darkest and smallest corner. If they happen to be outdoors during an explosion, they can run straight ahead out of fear until their heart stops or they get knocked down by a car. The luckier ones may get help and find their place in a shelter.

For a couple of years,Wroclawhas called on inhabitants and guests to change the spree of fireworks into good fun without cracks and explosions.

New Year’s Eve party on Market Square in international fashion, but without cracks

This year’s municipal New Year’s Eve party – Wroclaw Respect – will have a spectacular setting. When you come to theMarket Square, you will see the longest catwalk inPolandconnecting the stage with the fountain, inside which reflectors, lamps, lasers, stroboscopes and smoke machines will be placed. A few dozen dancers and acrobats will perform in the fountain.

The Plac Gołębi square will turn into one big disco. As during any other similar event, its inseparable attribute is a disco ball, which will presumably assume huge dimensions inWroclaw.