What do Wroclawians know about TWG 2017 [SURVEY]

How many residents know about the World Games event, to be held in Wroclaw? How many of Wroclaw residents know what this event is? And how many people like the idea of organizing these games? Wroclaw Organizing Committee of The World Games 2017 has just presented the results of a survey conducted among the citizens of Wroclaw on The World Games 2017.

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The survey on the organization of the event included 1100 adults, 18 years and up. As demonstrated by the results of the survey, approx. 35 percent of respondents have heard of The World Games 2017 (the Olympics for non-Olympic sports) to be held in Wroclaw. Two-thirds of respondents say they know what World Games are, and more than three-quarters of respondents assess well the idea of organizing the World Games in Wroclaw. A very similar number of people, i.e. 76 percent believes that the organization of such an event can bring benefits to the city.

Renata Mauer-Różańska, the two-time Olympic champion in shooting, believes that the more publicity The World Games get, the better - above all, to increase awareness of the residents. "With this event, the range of sports that children and young people can do will be expanded. The problem with the participation of children in school PE classes in widely known," she says.

"The facilities that remain after The World Games, e.g. the skating track in Tysiąclecia Park, will serve the residents. We want them to contribute to earning a habit of workout in children, " says Paweł Rańda, the silver medal winner in rowing.

The results of the survey on The World Games 2017