Vantage points in Wroclaw

In good weather you may see the Karkonosze Mountains from Wroclaw. Check what spots provide excellent visibility.

Sky Tower, vantage point

Panorama of Wroclaw from the roof of the Sky TowerPanorama of the entire Wroclaw from the roof top of the Sky Tower - the largest apartment building in Poland.

ul. Powstańców Śląskich 95
Tickets: PLN 10 and PLN 5 (reduced-fare)

Opening hours:
  • Mon - Sat, hours 9-21,
  • Sun 10-20
The last visitors will go upstairs half an hour before the closing time
Ticket booking and purchase at the Information Point of the Shopping Centre, phone: 71 738 31 11. 

Located on the penultimate – 49th floor of the Sky Tower – it will surely be in the list of the greatest attractions of Wroclaw. Originally, an open terrace on the last storey of the 212-metre building was going to be opened for tourists but for safety reasons it was not possible.

The construction endorsed by Leszek Czarnecki, an entrepreneur and one of the wealthiest Poles, has given rise to extreme opinions due to its panache, design and the investor himself. Doubtless however, it is one of the most distinctive buildings in Poland. It is the highest apartment building in the country. It houses offices, shops and luxurious apartments.

The Sky Tower was erected in place of an office building owned by Poltegor, which, with its 92 meters used to be the highest building in Wroclaw until 2007. It also had a vantage point – in the bar on the 22nd floor.

In the Sky Tower there is a lift which takes tourists to the 49th floor in one minute. The vantage point has room for 20 people.

Attendants keep order on the floor and at the lift and will not let in anyone who is drunk or under the influence of drugs or who behaves in a suspicious manner. Children under 13 may enter the vantage point only when accompanied by adults.

Access to the lifts to the vantage point is from ul. Gwiaździsta.


Penitent Bridge (Mostek Pokutnic), St. Mary Magdalene Church (kościół Marii Magdaleny) 

The Penitent Bridge is the spot where Wroclaw reveals its beautyThe Penitent Bridge is the spot where Wroclaw reveals its genuine beauty

ul. Szewska 10
Opening hours:
  • summer – hours 9-21
  • winter – hours 1118
Tickets: PLN 4

The late Gothic church was built in the 14th century in the place of earlier Roman and Gothic temples. One of them was destroyed in 1241 during a Mongolian invasion.

In its present shape, the church was constructed in the 14th century, but the two towers were completed in the second half of the next century. Since the post-war time the church has been under the administration of the the Polish Catholic Church.

The Penitent Bridge is a gangway joining the towers of St Mary Magdalene Church at the height of 45 metres. According to a legend, you could see there the souls of young women who preferred to have fun and gaieties with men rather than look after their children and do house duties. As punishment, they had to walk the narrow gangway between the towers.


Tower of St. Elizabeth's Church

Tower of St. Elizabeth's ChurchTower of St. Elizabeth's Church at night. (photo: Janusz Krzeszowski]

ul. Św. Elżbiety
Opening hours: from April to October
  • Mon - Fri, hours. 10-18
  • Sat - Sun, hours. 9-19
    summer hours 9-21
Ticket: PLN 5

St. Elisabeth's Church is one of the most distinctive structures in Wroclaw. Located near the Market Square, it dominates the surrounding area with its monumental shape and tower of over 90 metres.

The Gothic temple was built at the beginning of the 14th century, in 1525 it was the first church in Silesia to be taken over by evangelicals. It was returned to Catholics in 1946 when it was established as a garrison church for Wroclaw.

Parochial chronicles contain many descriptions of damage and cataclysms which the building has suffered. The church's tower has been reconstructed on several occasions. Massive damage was caused by a fire in 1976 which burnt the roof, part of the vault, organ and other wooden elements of the interior design. The church is actually still being reconstructed after that event.

The scenic terrace in the tower is one of the most popular tourist sites near the Market Square. To get there you need to climb narrow spiral stairs. Watch out, the climb is quite exhaustive.


Tower of the Archcathedral of St. John the Baptist

Archcathedral of St. John the BaptistArchcathedral of St. John the Baptist - Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski
Opening Hours (tower open from May to October):
  • Mon – Fri, hours 10-17
  • Sat – Sun, hours 14-16,
Tickets: - PLN 5 and PLN 4 (reduced-fare)
Visiting is not allowed during church services.

The most important church of the Wroclaw archdiocese in its present, Gothic shape was built in the 14th century. Archaeological works have proven though that a brick temples was already standing there in the 10th century. The present building has undergone a number of renovations after being damaged, has been extended and had its interior rearranged. That is why there are renaissance and baroque components both on the outside and inside the church.

During the siege of the Festung Breslau (Wroclaw Fortress), in spring 1945, the cathedral was destroyed and damage was done to the towers, main aisle, organ and elements of the interior design. The reconstructed lasted until the end of the 1960's but the tented roofs where mounted on the towers not earlier than in the 1990's.

You can take a lift to get to the platform on the 97-metre tower.