Two years away from World Games 2017 in Wroclaw

IWGA President José Perurena: Everything goes according to plan.

  • IWGA President José Perurena

    IWGA President José Perurena

The World Games in Wroclaw starts on 20 July 2017, which is in two years' time. How do you find our progress?

José Perurena: We're heading in the right direction. We have a detailed schedule for the next two years. All the Wroclaw Organising Committee, sports federations and IWGA associations have to do is follow it. We are keen to show that our disciplines can be just as competitive as those featured in the Olympic Games. It is worth-noting that as many as seven out of eight disciplines short-listed for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 belong to the World Games family. The event is the best way to promote a federation that applies for joining the Olympic Games. We want act on the example of the International Olympic Committee to showcase the strengths of our disciplines.

Are you going to celebrate the upcoming Wroclaw edition of the World Games in any special way?

The Wroclaw Organising Committee presented their progress and promoted World Games disciplines at the tenth PLFA SuperFinal on 11 July. The event was attended by our Vice President Max Bishop, who says it was a great organisational success. The game was held at the Wroclaw Stadium, which is also going to play host to the World Games opening ceremony on 20 July 2017. We can also see how our visibility is growing in Wroclaw. A recent survey is a case in point. We are not planning any special festivities. We treat it as a reminder that we are two years away from the event.

What to you expect from The World Games 2017?

Mayor Rafał Dutkiewicz has promised to organise the best World Games to date. We are looking forward to success, which is necessary for the World Games to develop. We are also tightening our collaboration with the International Olympic Committee. We are striving got the World Games to be part of the Olympic movement. This will boost both our athletes and our federations. The International Olympic Committee representatives are going to attend the World Games in Wroclaw to supervise the event and assess the potential of our disciplines. There is a consensus that the Wroclaw event is the key for developing collaboration between the International World Games Association and the International Olympic Committee. President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach expressed the same opinion in June during the talks with the Polish delegation in Lausanne.

How do you find the collaboration with the Wroclaw Organising Committee?

We've been cooperating very closely because we have a common goal. The Polish delegation gave Thomas Bach their word to organised everything to perfection. We can see that a lot of people on Poland support the World Games 2017 organisation. President of the Polish Olympic Committee Andrzej Kraśnicki announced his intention to support the World Games 2017 disciplines. The Ministry of Sport and Tourism has launched a programme to finance our disciplines, and it also subsidises the construction and renovation of the sports facilities in Wroclaw.

The work to completely renovate the swimming pool complex in Wroclaw started last month. Two revamped outdoor swimming pools and a newly developed indoor swimming pool are will certainly benefit the residents. The facility is expected to host such World Games competitions as monofin swimming, water rescue and canoe polo. And this is just one of many more investments into sports facilities to follow.

We set a list of disciplines last year and created a daily programme for the event. The programme has been designed in such a way that it showcases each of 27 disciplines and 4 guest disciplines to the audience. The plan was accepted by both the federations and the city. The federations are now going through qualifiers to send their best contestants to the games. We look forward to a great event in terms of the organisation and the facilities. The city of Wroclaw is going to take care of both.

What are the plans for the next few months?

As I've already mentioned, we have an overall plan. Now we need to work on the details. We are confident that our partners in Wroclaw will come up with a set of suitable solutions to address accommodation, transport and facilities. Another important issue is the process to select the main TV signal producer, which is scheduled for September. This is key in negotiating with broadcasters worldwide.

We are now in the process of accepting ideas for a variety of tasks to be completed in 2016. We are looking forward to significant progress in developing new facilities. The federation representatives are gathering at the end of 2016 in Wroclaw to assess if everything goes according to plan. If it does, we will proceed to the final stage in the preparation process.

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