Rules and Regulations

REGULATIONS of the Wroclaw SILESIUS Poetry Award


  1. The City of Wroclaw is the organizer of the competition for Wroclaw SILESIUS Poetry Award and the sponsor of the Award.
  2. The goal of the Award is to single out and promote the most important works and authors of Polish poetry.
  3. The Award is granted every year in three categories: a) award for lifetime achievements b) the book of the year (a book of the year shall mean the premiere book by a Polish author, except for selections of poems) c) the debut of the year (a debut book shall be the first individual publication of an author, larger than a sheet. It is granted upon the decision of the Jury)
  4. First editions of books which were issued during 1 January and 31 December of the calendar year preceding a given edition of the Award may be submitted to a given edition of the Award.
  5. The grounds for the award for lifetime achievements shall be the publication of works of the nominated author in the year preceding a given edition of the Award.
  6. An author may be granted the Award in a given category once only.
  7. The Award is composed of: a) SILESIUS statuette. b) a cheque for the following amount:
    • PLN 100 000 for lifetime achievements
    • PLN  50 000 PLN for the book of the year
    • PLN  20 000 PLN for the debut of the year
  1. The right to submit books for the Award in the following categories: The book of the year and the debut of the year is reserved to: Publishing Houses (excluding own publications without the ISBN number) and members of the jury, in the category of lifetime achievements – Jury members only .
  2. Final date of submitting applications shall be 28 February. Applications submitted after this date shall not be accepted.
  3. 7 copies of books shall be sent at the address of the Award Office: Urząd Miejski Wrocławia, Wydział Kultury,  ul. Gabrieli Zapolskiej 4,  50-032  Wrocław.
  1. The Competition is composed of 3 stages: a) 1st stage – verification of the received books from the point of view of compliance with criteria adopted in the Award Regulations b) 2nd stage – selection of 7 books nominated to the Award in the category of the book of the year, selection of 3 books nominated to the Award in the category of the debut of the year, unless the Jury decides otherwise, and decision in the category “lifetime achievements”, c) 3rd stage – selection of the winners of the Award.
  2. The participation in the competition shall be denied to books whose authors or co-authors are: a) members of the Jury, b) employees of organizers and sponsors of the Award.
JURY § 4.
  1. The Jury of the competition is composed of 7 people.
  2. The President of the City of Wroclaw appoints the Chairperson of the Jury and members of the Jury for the term of office lasting 3 years. Members of the Jury of previous terms of office may be selected to fulfil the same function in the following terms of office.
  3. The Chairperson of the Jury manages work and leads the deliberations of the Jury.
  4. Membership of the Jury is terminated as a result of resignation submitted by the member of the Jury, his or her loss of full legal capacity, dismissal by the President of the City of Wroclaw or death of the member of the Jury. In such cases, the President of the City of Wroclaw appoints a new member of the Jury.
  5. The Jury makes decisions during sessions of the Jury, in the form of statutes, in secret ballot, with simple majority. To pass a statute, the presence of at least 5 members of the Jury is required.
  1. In every edition of the Award, the jury has 3 sessions dedicated to the selection of books.
  2. Member of the Jury absent from the session is obliged to present his recommendations in writing. Written recommendation does not concern final session during which the decision concerning the winner of the competition is taken.
  3. Jury makes decisions based on the provisions of the Award Regulations.
  4. Members of the Jury shall maintain confidentiality of the sessions’ content.
  5. Remuneration of the members of the Jury is decided on every year by the organizers and sponsors of the Award.
  1. The Award Office (Biuro Nagrody) is appointed by the City of Wroclaw.
  2. Duties of the Award Office employees are to realise all the organizational activities connected with the competition.
  1. The gala Award Ceremony takes place once a year in May in Wroclaw.
  2. Authors and publishing houses express their consent for the use of the works or their excerpts during the gala award ceremony.
  3. The organizer covers the cost of travel and stay in Wroclaw of every finalist of the competition.

Regulations enter into force on the date of approval by the representatives of organizers and sponsors of the Award.