Professor Chmura won Earth Marathon Crown

Professor Jan Chmura from the Academy of Physical Education (AWF) in Wroclaw won the Earth Marathon Crown. During two years, he took part in races on all continents. The last part of the cycle was the marathon in Sydney, in which the 68-year-old sportsman finished 3rd in his age category.

  • Professor Jan Chmura in Sydney, photo: private archives

Professor Jan Chmura is the first professor in Poland who has won the Earth Marathon Crown. The cycle consists of seven races on seven continents. The lecturer from Wroclaw has always achieved very good results in his age category. In Hannover he won the 2nd place (the same as in Jerusalem and in Antarctica), in Rio he finished 3rd and in New York he finished 11th. The most difficult race was in Johannesburg, where he finished 27th. The personal record of Professor Chmura is 3:22:57 – he achieved this result at the age of 66 in Hannover.

The last marathon in the Earth Crown cycle was the race in Sydney, Australia. The start point was located near Harbour Bridge, where New Year is welcomed every year.
The route ran through the park for many kilometres and then along the Pacific coast. The race started at 7:00 a.m. in very good weather conditions: the sky was cloudy, temperature was 15ºC and the level of humidity was 75%.

Professor Jan Chmura: ‘I assumed that I would run at a speed of 5:10 – 5:15 minutes per kilometre. However, because of excellent weather conditions and the fear of the ozone hole, I ran faster than I had planned – around 5 minutes per kilometre – for the most part of the distance. Unfortunately, I was a bit short of energy on the last 4 km, I had to slow down and lost the lead in my age group.

Eventually, the Wroclaw lecturer was 3rd in the age category of 65-69.
‘I am highly impressed by the organisation of the marathon, especially isothonic drinks served in catering points. These were the most refreshing drinks I have ever drunk. Sydney impressed me, too – it is a beautiful city,’ said the academic worker of the Academy of Physical Education.

Professor Chmura already has a new goal – he wants to obtain the Crown of World’s Biggest Marathons. He has already competed in New York, Berlin and London in this cycle and now he is preparing for marathons in Tokyo, Boston and Chicago.