Privacy policy

  1. This Privacy Policy sets out rules for the processing of any information having the nature of personal data which has been obtained in connection with the use of the website (hereinafter referred to as "the Portal") by Users. 
  2. The administrator of User data is Agencja Rozwoju Aglomeracji Wrocławskiej Spółka Akcyjna  based in Wrocław, pl. Solny 14, NIP taxpayer number 897-171-03-46, 50-062 Wrocław, Poland, REGON statistical number 020204230, registered with the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, 6th Commercial Department of the National Court Register as number KRS 0000248319, with share capital of PLN 42,472,377.00 fully paid in (hereinafter referred to as "Administrator").
  3. The Administrator processes information about User in accordance with the law, including in particular the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883, as amended) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services via electronic means (Journal of Laws No. 144, item. 1204, as amended). 
  4. The Administrator ensures the security of information about Users of the Portal, in particular through their due protection and safeguarding against unauthorized access. 
  5. All information about Users is collected automatically when they visit websites of the Portal.  The information can be used to analyze the behaviour of Users in connection with the use of the Portal, collecting demographic information about Users or in order to personalize the content of web pages of the Portal. 
  6. The Administrator holds Users' IP addresses and information about the beginning, end and scope of their use of the Portal, stored in system logs.    This information is used for statistical study and relates solely to what IP address, and when, used the website of  the Portal, but they are not compared with any other personal data of individual Users. 
  7. In addition, the Portal automatically collects the data contained in cookies.  "Cookies are computer data, text files in particular, stored in terminal hardware of Users for the use of websites. 
  8. Cookies are used by the Administrator only in order to run the Portal, including to identify the User's device and display sites of the Portal in a manner tailored to User's individual needs, and to create anonymous statistics of the Portal. Cookies are not used to obtain any personal data of Users.
  9. In any case, User may block the installation of cookies, delete permanent cookies or otherwise change the conditions of storing or receiving cookies by using the appropriate options of his/her Internet browser, such as:
    1. in Internet Explorer,
    2. in Mozilla Firefox,
    3. in Chrome,
    4. in Opera, or
    5. in Safari

provided that disabling cookies on your browser may cause inconvenience or even prevent the use of the Portal. 

  1. The Portal also uses Google Analytics that collects with the use of cookies  anonymous information about Portal sites visited by its individual Users.  Detailed rules regarding the privacy policy of Google Analytics can be found at:
  2. In addition, the Portal uses Google AdWords  remarketing codes and Google Analytics of display advertisers.  These codes are used to create remarketing lists in order to match with the users who visited the site of the Portal, personalized ads, then to display them in Google AdWords advertising network, Google Search, as well as on the websites of entities that are members of the Google display network. 
  3. The Portal, by using the "similar audiences" feature, works within the Google AdWords system and checks advertising network web browsing history and processes that information with the mechanism of contextual targeting to determine the profiles of remarketing recipients. Based on those profiles, Google AdWords finds a group of new users who have similar patterns of viewing like those listed in the Administrator's remarketing list. This list is never created based on the history of browsing pages the subject of which is deemed sensitive, such as related to race, religion, sexual orientation or health status.  
  4. When using remarketing tools and the "similar audiences" feature, the Portal does not collect personal data (i.e. name, address) of Users with the use of cookies but only the browsing history, and thus User remains anonymous. 
  5. User has an option to give up collecting remarketing codes and display advertiser codes through Google AdWords and Google Analytics , as well as displaying custom ads on the Google Display Network, in one of the manners specified in paragraph 9 above. 
  6. Websites of Administrator's partners, the links to which are placed on the Portal are governed by their own privacy policies (including the use of cookies).

See also: Regulations for the use of the portal