PLN 10.5 million to distribute

The Discovery Fund wants to support 14 innovative companies

The Discovery Fund was launched in January 2014, in the framework of the Wroclaw Technology Park S.A. (Wrocławski Park Technologiczny S.A., WPT). During 2 years, it will invest over PLN 10.5 million in new companies active among others in the area of biotechnology, medicine, environmental protection, chemistry and IT.

”The main goal of the Discovery Fund is to generate the return on investment in innovative companies.” Grzegorz Gromada, Discovery Fund Manager says. “Operations of the Fund will generate new companies. Commercialisation of the research-development works will constitute the base for their business success.

14 investments will be selected from among the applicant enterprises. They will receive financial support in the amount of up to EUR 200 thousand in exchange of a package of shares taken over by WPT.

The Wroclaw Technology Park S.A., as a capital investor offering financial contribution, will become a minority shareholder in companies founded for the realisation of given undertakings. The Initiator, apart from the capital, will be allowed to make contribution-in-kind of intangible assets such as: the right to a patent, know-how or technical documentation.

The Discovery Fund offers its financing and counselling to teams which will present their undertakings and which will satisfy specified investment criteria comprising the following: team’s capacity to realise the proposed undertaking and its commitment to the realisation of the undertaking, competitive advantage and unique features of the product or a service which is to be offered by the company. Moreover, the market on which the company plans to operate will be subject to verification among others in the following scope: receivers, competition, manner of functioning and its size. Moreover, the suggested manner of satisfying receivers’ needs will be subject to analysis together with the manner of financing the investment and the assumed dynamics of income and expected profitability.

Individuals interested in financial support offered by the Discovery Fund may send queries to the following address: . In a return e-mail each person will receive information about the procedure. Preliminary interest may be submitted now.

Companies which cooperate on a daily basis with the Wroclaw Technology Park S.A. will have priority in the possibility of benefitting from financing innovative undertakings.

The Wroclaw Technology Park S.A. (WPT) is one of the technology parks in Poland with the longest history of operations. 150 innovative enterprises operate on its territory and around 1.5 thousand people, mainly engineers, work there. Over a dozen laboratories and prototype workshops dedicated to support innovativeness of companies and development of new products operate in the framework of WPT.

Katarzyna Kunka