MPK will notify where tickets will be inspected

From Friday, the municipal transport company MPK Wroclaw will officially inform in which city transport lines tickets will be inspected. Everyone can check this on the website for PASSENGER in the tab "You will meet ticket inspectors in these lines". The list of bus and tram lines covered by special „care” of inspectors will be updated very week. Similarly, information about radar inspections is made available by the Wroclaw City Guard.

  • From Friday, MPK will disclose numbers of bus/tram lines where we will certainly come across ticket inspectors

- ”We don’t like charging penalty fines for fare dodging. We prefer passengers simply punching tickets. This is why we want to inform in which line our ticket inspectors will be present on a given day. This does not mean, however, that they will not turn up in other buses and trams. Ticket inspections are carried out on a 365/24/7 basis in all lines. We will publish only some of the lines where ticket inspectors will turn up on a given day,” this is what we can read in information from MPK.

Fare dodging is a disgrace

Why did MPK decide to disclose certain bus/tram lines where tickets will be inspected on a given day? ”We want to disclose a part of secret and remind passengers that ticket inspectors are active all the time in various parts of the city,” informs Agnieszka Korzeniowska, spokesman for MPK. “In this way, we want to reach those who hesitate to punch their tickets. The awareness of ticket inspections being carried out in various bus/tram lines every day is the best means of prevention,” she adds.

More efficient inspections

In 2011, MPK’s employees inspected around 100,000 runs and issued 72,000 demand notes. In 2013, the number of inspected runs rose more than twice, exceeding 216,000. At the same time, the number of demand notes decreased to 55,000, which reflects an increasing number of passengers who punch tickets and a smaller group of those who decide to dodge fares.