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If this is your first visit to Wroclaw, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The meeting place of people and cultures, today is a vibrant and colorful spot which is constantly developing. Wroclaw will prove to be not only a good place for you to work, but also a great place to live.

Welcome to Wroclaw

European Best Destination 2018

Wroclaw is becoming more and more popular for both Polish and international tourists – over five million visitors per year.

Cultural diversity

With over 80 000 of foreign inhabitants from 120 countries, Wroclaw according to Antal, is  one of the best Polish cities to live and work for expats.

Quality of life

Vibrant entertainment and cultural center a very safe place to live thanks to a low level of crime.

Academic hotspot

Wroclaw is the 4th largest city (639 000 citizens) and 3rd academic center in Poland with 120 000 students; it means that every 6th resident is a student.

Prime Business Location

Competitive and dynamic setting for investors from all sectors; advanced technologies, processes and R&D. It is an excellent place to build a career.

Smart Wroclaw

A city based on technology created and developed on place. Dynamically growing center in Poland and CEE.

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