Large investment of the University of Technology

The Centre of Advanced Technologies will replace the former canteen

						Wroclaw University of Technology - former canteen,

    phot. former canteen of the Wroclaw University of Technology,

Instead of the former, ugly university canteen at the Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego road, the authorities of the Wroclaw University of Technology want to construct the Nano-Bio-Info Centre of Advanced Technologies (Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii).

The concrete building dating back to the ‘70s, at the crossroad of the Smoluchowskiego Street and the Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego road, even a few years ago hosted a canteen for students and on weekends – computer hardware market. Today, the deteriorating building in a decrepit state is closed.

Students from chemical, mechanical, IT and management faculties will have courses in the Centre of Advanced Technologies constructed on the place of the former canteen.

”It will host modern laboratories, lecture halls, two-level mechanical technology hall and the central server room”, Andrzej Charytoniuk, from the Wroclaw University of Technology Press Office, informs us.

The exact date of demolition of the old building and the launch of the construction of the new one is not known yet. The University is going to apply for funds from the European Union budged to finance the investment.