Indoor paddling means…

…ergometers fight for TWG 2017

  • Competition on rowing ergometers


How to promote such a niche sport as indoor rowing efficiently? It is enough to engage Mariusz Pudzianowski, make him sit on a chair and allow him to take part in a regular show test. Such a competition was organized in January 2010 in Wroclaw and it was Paweł Rańda who competed with Pudzianowski.

- It is only one example of how easy it is to present an ergometer and make random people interested. There are many possibilities, one can, for example, place two machines on the roof of Stadium Wroclaw (Stadion Wrocław) and telecast the competition to the Market (Rynek) using two video-cameras, it is also possible to place a platform on Ostrowo Tumskie to maintain the link to the water – said Paweł Rańda, an Olympian from Wroclaw.

An ergometer is basic equipment which can be found almost in all gyms. Amateurs, who are just starting their adventure with sport, can get down to rowing and after few minutes they will be able to perform exercises without problems.

- The big advantage of the ergometer is also the fact that presently the society is interested in fitness, health lifestyle, lately a lot of people have been doing crossfit, running a lot, trying to strengthen the muscles. We can see new possibilities here. Moreover, a few people know that exercises on ergometer offer more energy-related effort than running or cycling. While rowing over 90 muscles are involved – Rańda added.

If ergometers appear in The World Games, there won’t be much trouble with promoting this discipline, e.g. in schools where they could perfectly complete the physical education classes. One piece of equipment costs about 4-5 thousand zl and is basically indestructible. Only the movable parts are exchanged.

Ergometer competitions look monotonous only seemingly. In reality they are very dynamic, fast and pleasant to watch. The competition takes place at a very fast tempo because the contestants have to cover about thousand meters.

If ergometers become one of so called „invited sports” of TWG 2017, then we can expect many rowers to take part in competition which will take place in Olympic Games in 2016 as well. It is a standard and basically tradition that the rowers after an event such as Olympic take a year off from participating in competition of the championship class. But they don’t turn their backs on rowing completely.

- This year will be treated leniently by the rowers so if ergometers are introduced into The World Games, the whole world forefront in rowing will appear in Wroclaw – Paweł Rańda added.

We remind you that The World Games 2017 will take place in Wroclaw and rowing ergometer is one of eight disciplines classified to so called second round of invited sports.