Hasco-Lek bought the centre at ul. Chopina

Patients will still be rehabilitated in Zalesie

  • Hasco-Lek (headquarters at ul. Żmigrodzka) is the new owner of the centre at ul. Chopina

The Wroclaw Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at ul. Chopina has a new owner. It is Hasco-Lek, a Wroclaw's pharmaceutical company, which purchased 100% of the shares in the centre, which means that the city sold the hospital for 8.5 million zlotys.

The Centre enjoys an excellent opinion and treats about one thousand patients a year. Now the hospital is undergoing reorganization.

Investment in rehabilitation

According to the contract, the new owner is to invest about 10 million zlotys in the next five years.

Hasco-Lek wants to invest not only in the building, which is in poor condition and requires an overhaul, but also in the development of the centre. "Nothing will change from the patients' point of view. We will continue operation based on contracts with the National Health Fund. We also want to offer new services which are not covered by the Fund", declared Agnieszka Ałykow, Hasko-Lek's spokesperson.

The plans include offering rehabilitation services not only to older persons but also to patients recovering from accidents, to include traffic accidents, sports injuries, etc.

"We want to create one of the most modern hospitals providing comprehensive rehabilitation services, especially that the centre already enjoys a good reputation. This is why we will employ more people and invest in new equipment", said the company's spokesperson.