Driving licence replacement


Place of submission of documents/settlement of the proceedings:

Driver License Division
tel. +48 71 777 77 77
fax +48 71 777 76 00

  • COM I
    ul. G.Zapolskiej 4
    Hall S1, stands 1, 2 and 3
    opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00-17.15
  • COM II
    pl. Nowy Targ 1-8
    stand 6
    opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00-17.15

Who may file the application / initiate the proceedings:
A party or an authorised proxy

Required applications and documents to be made available upon request:

  • Driving license replacement application
    Attention !!!
    The form must be printed: In whole on one A4 sheet of paper (printed on both sides), with no change of the print size or proportions. Print without margins. (Select the "no scaling" option in the printer settings.) Use the ordinary printing mode rather than the economical one.
    Because of the small margins, some printers (i.e. laser ones) may not be able to print the form correctly.
  • photocopy of the diving license and the original for inspection,
  • photo sized 3.5 x 4.5 cm, with no headgear or sunglasses, showing the left semi profile with visible
    left ear,
  • proof of the required payments,
  • valid personal identity card for inspection,

Original documents for inspection.


  • payment for the driving license issue - PLN 100
  • registration fee - PLN 0.50

The payments may be made at the Banking Service Points or via bank transfer to the following account:

  • for issue of a driving license PKO BANK POLSKI S.A. bank account no. 86 1020 5226 0000 6002 0428 8452
  • registration fee PKO BANK POLSKI S.A. bank account no. 60 1020 5226 0000 6102 0417 4702

Deadline and method of settlement of the proceedings: up to 30 days as of submission of the application together with all the required attachments.

Procedure for appeal: appeals may be filed to the Local Government Appeal Court (Samorz�dowe Kolegium Odwo�awcze) within 14 days as of the delivery date.

Legal basis:

  • Act on motor vehicle drivers of 5 January 2011 (Journal of Laws of 2011 No. 30, item 151),
  • Regulation of the Minister of Transports, Building and Marine Management of 31 July 2012 on issue of documents confirming the right to drive motor vehicles (Journal of Laws of 2012, No. 0, item 1005),
  • Stamp Duty Act of 16/11/2006 (Journal of Laws No. 225, item 1635).

Please note:
Those who have a driving license in its old, "book" version (documents issued until 30/06/1999) should replace it pursuant to art. 150 of the Road Traffic Law.

More information about the driving license: http://infolink.wroclaw.pl/taxonomy/term/3?language=en

For more information, please call: the City Office Information Centre at (71) 777 77 77.