Discount entitlements

Children under 4 years of age and people over 70 years of age travel free of charge.

Children and school-aged youth, students, doctoral students and pensioners may travel at a reduced fare.

In order to enjoy free-of-charge or reduced-fare travel by municipal transport, you need to carry a document which confirms that you are entitled to reduced-fare tickets.

The following groups are entitled to travel free of charge on all types of lines:

  • Members of Parliament and Senators - ID card of a Member of Parliament or Senator
  • war and military disabled persons - war (military) disabled person's record book
  • disabled children and disabled youth and school children with a certificate from a public psychological-pedagogic advisory establishment indicating their special educational needs, those attending schools and institutions defined in the Act on the Education System and their attendants who look after them during travel or who travel to collect them or travel after leaving them at the school, health care facility, rehabilitation centre, another school or health care institution (holders of a yellow ID card with reference number MEN-II/182/2 or MEN I/51/2)
    - school (student) ID card with a disability degree certificate
  • children under 4 - official documents of the child or parents (guardians) to determine the child's age, e.g. a birth certificate
  • people over 70 - ID or another document (with a photo) which confirms their age
  • persons with considerable disabilities, including the deaf-mute, persons with total incapacity to work and live on their own, children under 16 with an attendance benefit and their attendants
    - considerable disability certificate with ID document
  • the blind and their guides - ID card from the Polish Association of the Blind (Polski Związek Niewidomych) or a certificate on a considerable or medium degree of disability with code 04-O
  • members of the Association of Poles - Victims of the Third Reich (Stowarzyszenie Polaków Poszkodowanych przez III Rzeszę), People with the "P" Sign (Ludzie ze znakiem "P"), members of the Former Wroclaw Polonia and Wroclaw Pioneers - membership card
  • children and young people from Numerous Families and parents and legal guardians of children and youth from Numerous Families which participate in the programme "Support for Numerous Families two plus three and more" (Pomoc dla Rodzin Wielodzietnych dwa plus trzy i jeszcze więcej) on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
    - On the day indicated as the Car-Free Day within the European Mobility Week, everyone is entitled to travel free of charge by means of public transport on all types of lines
  • uniformed police officers up to staff warrant officer and military police up to staff sergeant major included
    - valid warrant card
  • uniformed officers of the Municipal Security Guard Service of Wroclaw (Straż Miejska) - valid warrant card
  • soldiers in compulsory military service (excluding re-enlisted soldiers) - military service book with a record of compulsory military service
  • voluntary blood donors after donating at least:

    a)          men - 18 litres of blood or an equivalent amount of other blood constituents,

    b)          women - 15 litres of blood or an equivalent amount of other blood constituents,

    - card of a Voluntary Blood Donor (1st degree honorary badge) with valid ID 
  • former employees of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjnego Sp. z o.o. and former employees of Dolnośląskie Linie Autobusowe Sp. z o.o., who retired or obtained an annuity before 1 May 2012 - free travel ticket issued before 1 May 2012.

The following groups are entitled to travel free of charge on regular lines:

  • The entitlement to enjoy free-of-charge travel on workdays from Monday to Friday on regular lines within the boundaries of Wroclaw, once a year during 90 consecutive days, if the travel results from the fact of attending training, is given to unemployed persons who live in Wroclaw, have been registered for at least 6 months at the Poviat Employment Office (Powiatowy Urząd Pracy), are not entitled to unemployment benefit, are actively looking for a job and belong to one of the following groups:

    a)  the unemployed referred to employers as job offers are sent in

    b) the long-term unemployed - without a job for over 24 months, beneficiaries of projects financed from the European Social Fund

    c)  sent to training courses - during the first month of the course

    d)  sent to pro-activity classes at labour clubs

          e) those with a travel card issued by the Poviat Employment Agency


The following groups are entitled to travel at a reduced fare on all types of lines:

  • students of universities/academies entered in the register of the Minister of National Education and also students of foreign universities/academies and students of full-time doctoral studies
    - valid student card or international ISIC card, Euro 26 card or student card from the foreign university/academy translated by a sworn translator
  • students of elementary schools, secondary (gymnasium and lyceum) and upper-secondary schools and students of foreign secondary and upper-secondary schools up to 24 years of age
    - valid school card; for students of foreign schools an international card: Euro 26 or ISIC or a foreign school card translated by a sworn translator
  • children between 4 years of age and beginning of elementary school - official documents of the child or parents (guardians) to determine the child's age, e.g. a birth certificate
  • pensioners - pensioner's card issued by a relevant authority
  • veterans and other persons who are victims of war and post-war repressions with entitlements defined in general regulations - card of a veteran or repressed person with ID document.