Department Store Renoma

A work of European modernism from the 30s with a contemporary design.

  • Wertheim in all glory, on the left: monument of Emperor Wilhelm I, the 30s of the 20th century (photo.

  • Wertheim in construction - 1929 (photo.

  • PDT on a postcard from 1962 with a picture of S. Arczyńskiego (photo.

This department store, with a total space of 99,500 m², is situated at ul. Świdnicka 40. Sales takes place over five storeys. Three floors are occupied by office space. There is parking with 630 spaces.

Renoma has had its current outlook since April 2009 (after a throughout rebuilding and expansion started in 2005), and the designer of this is Maćków Pracownia Projektowa. On the meticulously renovated façade of the building, one can admire, among others, over one hundred portrait sculptures presenting the faces of people coming from different continents as well as multi-colour, shimmering tiles partially decorated with genuine gold. In 2010, Renoma found itself in the finals of the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, as it was nominated for the prize “Building of the year” in the “New and old” category.

Today’s Renoma “was built on the grounds of” a department store, the property of a Jewish family of Wertheim, raised in 1930 as designed by Berlin architect Hermann Dernburg. During the years of a big crisis and also after fascists came to power in Germany, as a result of anti-Jewish actions, in 1937, Wertheim fell and was taken over by the newly set up company AWAG (Allgemeine Warenhaus Gesellschaft). At the end of World War II, in March 1945, the building was bombarded and burned for several days.

It was opened in Poland, in 1948, by way of The Recovered Territories (Ziemie Odzyskane) exhibition as the first Common Department Store. "Pedet" was later popular throughout the years. In 1953, it started its operations on one floor of the building and was continuously opening subsequent floors until 1985.

In 1977, the building found itself in the registry of monuments as a leading work of European modernism.

"Pedet" was named "Renoma" as a consequence of a contest announced by "Słowo Polskie". At the end of the 90s, it was privatised and taken over by the company Centrum Development & Investments, which conducted a complex modernisation. From the end of 2012, the company Griffin Group became a new owner of the department store Renoma.

Currently, in the former “pedet”, there are approximately 120 stores and service points as well as a restaurant section. The largest tenants include: Empik, delicatessen Alma, Zara clothes shop, Smyk children’s store and Go Sport sports accessories.

Today, Renoma is trying to combine a commercial and cultural offer while being a symbol of respecting history “related" with modern design.

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