City Hall Information Centre

Talk to a consultant of the Municipal Office in Wroclaw

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Consultants are at your disposal in all cases serviced by the City of Wroclaw, including, among others, the exchange of identity cards, proof of registration, checkout, business registration, real estate sales, real estate taxes and perpetual use. They will also provide information about the applicable fees in substantive matters relating to construction law, local zoning plans.

Get your business done

Without leaving the house, take care of all matters that do not require your personal presence at the office.

Report the incident, failure, danger

Consultants will accept your application or indicate the competent authorities for notification of failures, threats, damage public property, lack of lighting, vulgar graffiti, etc.

Working time of consultants

Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 18:00. The consultants also speak a fluent English.
After these hours, you will automatically get information about the Crisis Management Centre.

Hotline: 71 777 77 77