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Squash has found its place in Wroclaw; actually, the World Championship of Juniors was organized here. Squash, which involves two players, is a very dynamic and an attractive game from the audience’s point of view. The players, in turns, bounce the rubber ball on the wall – it can bounce a maximum two times before another hit. Only the serving player gets the points, and, according to old volleyball rules, when the winner of a single set is a non-serving player, he or she gets the ball. Each set is played until 11 points are obtained. Presently, squash is played in 150 countries, and it is estimated around 15 million players practice it at 50 thousand specially designed courts.

A game similar to squash. There are significant differences in the racquet (it is shorter) and the ball (it is bigger). There are 3 sets up to 15 points each. The hall where players compete constitutes 100% of the playing surface, and there are no lines and outs. It is possible to bounce the ball off the front wall, the side wall as well as the back wall. It is a game for two, three or even four people. Racquetball was first played in 1910 on the streets of New York. The indoor version was played for the first time forty years later.

The game involves two teams consisting of 5 players. It is a combination of volleyball and tennis on a grassy field. The ball can be hit with a fist or with an open hand and, as opposed to volleyball, it can bounce off the ground once. The game takes place on a grassy field with a size of 20x50 metres divided by a 2 metre high net. Depending on the level of the game, there are from three to five sets up to 11 points, unless one of the teams has a 2-point lead. Otherwise, the set finishes when one of the team obtains 15 points.

Water, canoe and team game rules must provide a lot of excitement. Canoe polo involves two teams of five people who try to place the ball inside the goal while canoeing. The ball for canoe polo can be hit with a special oar or thrown using hands. This discipline involves rules known to every boy who ever played football on the playground - there is no permanent goal keeper in canoe polo, as this role is played by the person who is the closest to the goal. Canoe polo evokes excitement because there seem to be no violations in the games and the gladiators in canoes hit one another every few seconds. The water field for canoe polo is 35 metres long and 23 metres wide. The goals are hung 2 metres above the water and have the size of 1.5 by 1 metre. Canoe polo, during two halves of ten minutes each, is one of the most attractive niche sport disciplines.

Sport discipline referring to basketball. The team obtains points by throwing the ball in. During the game, playing against a person of the opposite sex is forbidden. Crossover is forbidden as well as moving with the ball and direct passing from hand to hand. This sport was invented in 1902 in Nico Broekhuysen by a teacher of a coeducational school in Amsterdam. This is why in korfball teams there are four women and four men, and only players of the same sex can play opposite one another. In korfball, uncontrolled contact is forbidden as well as running with the ball or dribbling. The match consists of two halves, each one is 30 minutes long, and the points are obtains only by throwing the ball into a basket without a board hung 3.5 m above the ground on a specially designated area. Interestingly, in Wroclaw, this sport discipline has been practiced for many years, and in 2010, team AZS Wroclaw became the Champion of Poland.

A variation of handball that is very popular in Poland. The difference between the traditional version and the one played during The World Games is the sandy ground. The beach handball field is a 27x12 metre square (much smaller than the one for traditional handball). The teams consist of four players on the field and four subs. Apart from standard points, when the ball falls inside the goal, there are additional points for a spectacular and impressive goal. There is no tie in beach handball. At the end of the match, there must be a winner, and if the teams have the same number of points the rule of the golden goal is applied. Interestingly, it is not applied at the end of the match but in the middle if there is a tie, and if each team wins one half, there are penalty throws.

This is a team sport similar to basketball. The first significant difference is the lack of the board by the ring. The basket is hung at the same height as in the case of traditional basketball, and the court has the size of 30.5x15.25 m and is a bit bigger than its older brother. The teams consist of 12 people, and seven players take part in the game at the same time. The basket and the ring known from basketball in netball are called goal rings. Unlike basketball, only two players from each team can get points, and they have separate names - goal attack and goal shooter. Netball was created on the basis of basketball rules that were interpreted incorrectly by a physical education teacher. This is how the sport was born. It is extremely popular in the United Kingdom, especially among women. The International Netball Federation (Międzynarodowa Federacja Netballu) estimates there are about 20 million women around the world playing netball in 80 countries.

A discipline surprisingly similar to baseball. Match, in which 9 players from every team take part, consists of seven parts. Points are won if the player hits the ball thrown by the pitcher and the team manages to run around three bases (not necessarily during one hit). Softball is defined as a female version of baseball, and, interestingly, when it was created it was an …. indoor game. Softball is a game with a picnic-like atmosphere, which attracts many fans. Relaxation, a good time outdoors, meeting friends and sport – these elements make softball so popular in the USA. Supposedly, softball was played during Thanksgiving in the USA in 1887, and the name softball was used for the first time in 1926.